Wednesday - 8 August

Urbane & Wilderness

Cooking Session with insects

Sakskøbing Madskole & Bugging Denmark

Eating Insects

& Urbane ecosystems

Søren Frederik Hansen

Bugging Denmark

Eating the wilderness

Local nature guide

In the case of both the wilderness and the urbane we can harvest edibles without changing or destroying existing ecosystems. In the case of the urbane, mainly waste products are put into good use, creating locally grown food products with a minimal ecological footprint. As to the wilderness, we are not altering or destroying ecosystems, but gathering only what is already there. We will set out to explore both ways as possibilities for future sustainable eating. Moreover, both contexts contribute with different interesting dogmas that challenge the way we eat and cook and make our food experiences both seasonal and local.

We will occupy ourselves with the ecosystems of the urbane and of the wilderness. Our focus will be on cooking and preserving edibles that can be found and produced in either of the two dissimilar spaces. Our focus will be on producing edible insects in an urban context and gathering different edible plants in the area around the school.

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