Tuesday - 7 August

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Vegetable Seeds for the World

Vikima Seeds

Farming is a practice that humans have developed and honed through centuries, and accordingly, it is a practice that has undergone significant change. Moreover, many societies are, as a result of the dominant urbanisation, very reliant on a working agricultural system. In modern societies, it has developed towards specialisation and efficiency to meet the demand of growing populations. We are to a greater extent ‘perfecting’ plants and animals through artificial selection to maximise the yield. However, there is not only one way to practice farming. Several less predominant forms of agriculture, including organic, biodynamic and permaculture, are constantly challenging the practices of conventional agriculture.


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We will occupy ourselves with the logics of running a farm between yield, economy, environment and the welfare of the animal. Moreover, we will explore the process of producing and honing plant seeds for industrial production.

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