Monday - 6 August


The basic flavours

Cooking Session


Food is more than just energy for our bodies. It is not merely a means to an end – good food also constitutes an end in itself. Moreover, food plays a different role in different lives. For some, the lack of food is the cause of crisis while for others, good food is a means to a life of great value and simultaneously a status symbol or a marker for identity. Furthermore, different food cultures value different measures of quality – some put a bigger emphasis on flavour while others highlight texture. Finally, food is, in many parts of the world, something we gather around – a social event.

Eat the world

Tasting Session 

We believe that what we eat is at the core of the quest for a more sustainable life, but this doesn’t mean that we are compelled to disregard the matter of taste in order to get there. On the contrary quality and taste can be a driver for a change in what we eat. On this first day of the summer academy we will ask ourselves what we think of as great food, and cook together, in order to get to know each other better. Moreover, we will touch upon some of the themes of the weeks to locate some of our own preconceptions.

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