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Our Future

World of Food

5 August - 11 August

International Summer Academy 2018:

What kind of food would we like to eat? How would we like to have our meals, and where would we like our crops to grow? How do what we eat shape the world we live in, and what kind of world would we like it to be?

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This summer you get another chance to join the summer academy on Lolland-Falster for an educational and enjoyable week in good company and beautiful surroundings. The group behind the project of establishing a folk high school in Lolland-Falster will repeat last year’s success and invite people from across the world to participate in an international summer academy. This year will be a playful exploration of the world of food through cookery, food production, landscapes, sustainability and scenarios for the future.

Program Content:

Cephalopods and the benefits of eating them

Ole G. Mouritsen

Professor of gastrophysics,

University of Copenhagen

The Biodiversity Crisis

Morten Ejrnæs

Head of Office

Ministry of Environment and Food

Rasmus Ejrnæs

Senior Researcher,

Aarhus University

Some may claim that our very relationship with nature is in a state of crises. For others this will sound like an old cliché. It is, regardless of people that stubbornly deny it, a well-established scientific fact that the climate is changing, biodiversity is declining and the number of people on this planet dreaming of the benefits of modern society is skyrocketing. One could despair, but we see cause for optimism. Crisis or not, this is a likely starting point for creating fundamental change and what we eat is at the core of the path to a more sustainable way of life. Food is something we all have in common, it’s a necessity and sometimes delicious, even artistic - but it's also political. Together we will explore the different aspects of eating, cooking and producing food in a wider context of sustainability, politics and deliciousness. You will get your hands dirty, you will learn techniques to conjure up mouthwatering meals, you will attain knowledge and perspectives which enable you to raise our general level of how we discuss food and food production and we will do our utmost to turn any growing despair into a heathy tree of optimism planted in the soil of our future world of food.

Søren Frederik Hansen

Bugging Denmark

Eating Insects

Seaweed Farming

Futoshi Aizawa

Japanese Seaweed Farmer


The summer academy: Our Future World of Food will be a week on Lolland-Falster. It will contain both excursions into nature and to local centers of food production giving close sense of reality. We will be visited by professors from Danish universities enlightening us by sharing their vast knowledge. We aim high on content quality of this week, but not everything will be so damn serious. Outside the daily program there will be – in the spirit of the Danish folk high schools – plenty of time to have fun and get to know each other.

Vegetable seeds for the World

Vikima Seeds

Holeby, Lolland

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We are looking forward to welcome you this summer on Lolland-Falster!