Friday - 10 August

Human & Nature

The biodiversity Crisis

Rasmus Ejrnæs

Biologist and senior researcher

Aarhus University

Morten Ejrnæs

Head of Division

Ministry of Environment and Food

What is human and what is nature – how do we separate the two, and is it even possible?

The notion of the Anthropocene as the latest geologic epoch has gained acceptance within academia through the last decade. It has been defined as the epoch in which the human species has started having a significant impact on the geology of the planet, and its ecosystems. The notion has contributed to raising awareness of the damage the human species is inflicting on non-human animals and plants, hence creating a debate about responsibility and change - how do we place responsibility when what we refer to as nature is suffering from modern consumption patterns?

We will spend the day exploring the distinction between human and nature to get closer to an understanding of the two and whether the dichotomy is legitimate – what is nature and what is human? Is  human also nature? We will be discussing the biodiversity crisis that modern society is most likely to play a role in and the question of responsibility.

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